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Marvel’s Captain America has been available on DVD for several weeks now – more than enough time to scrutinize and pick apart every aspect of the movie’s production. One thing that fans of the genre are sure to be paying attention to are the vehicles – submarines, aircraft, motorcycles, and the piece de resistance, the sinuous Hydra Schmidt Coupé. The movie’s setting in a fantastical 1940?s-inspired world – combined with freedom from the constraints of technological reality – gave a special elegance [...]

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Andy Warhol made art about pop culture and in return Warhol and his artworks have become part of popular culture now. Although many of are unable to acquire his paintings, Incase has certainly made it easier to accessorize your gadgets with his works. Five new snap case designs are released from the Incase by Andy Warhol collection and it features Self Portrait, Crowd, Cars and Handle with Care-Glass-Thank You designs on it. Besides the snap cases, Incase also made screen shots available for [...]

I was wondering how I could add to my vintage camera collection the other day and these are perfect. Such a cool concept to repurpose these old camera. Jason Hull is repurposing (not pristine) vintage cameras from the 1950s and 1960s by turning them into swell nightlights. Hull, a long-time employee at Pixar, created them to sell at the company’s craft fair in December but says he’ll “put any unsold nightlights up on etsy” afterwards. via: Laughing Squid     [...]

Jon Blackler, Kevin Proum, Len Carson and Daniel Avina decided to make carbon fiber Storm Trooper costumes. All in their spare time while working at San Diego Composites. They specializes in engineering everything carbon fiber related from missile canisters to aircraft structures. One of these might actually withstand a blaster shot from one of the Rebel Alliance. Unfortunately they are not for sale, but I’m sure they are going to get all kinds of offers from fans boys around the world.  

Last week we announced the official partnership between Nintendo and West Coast Customs and speculated that it would have to do something with the Mario Kart game. Today we can show you the outcome of the partnership – full life size Mario Karts. “To bring part of Mario’s make-believe world to life, Nintendo has partnered with West Coast Customs to create life-size models of Mario’s Standard Kart and Luigi’s Bumble V Kart. While the characters are forced to enjoy their rides [...]

In time for Christmas, Lomography presents their new range of Gold Special Edition Cameras. Three of their camera models, Diana F+, Diana Mini and Fisheye 2, have gone through a shiny make-over, dangling from a bling bling gold chain. These would certainly make for a nice accessory for Christmas and New Years Eve.  

Source: http://www.hillslikewhiteelephantsto.blogspot.com/

1. Josh Brolin In ‘The Goonies’ (source) 2. Seth Rogen In ‘Donnie Darko’ (source)/(via) 3. Adam Sandler In ‘The Cosby Show’ (source) 4. Hugh Laurie In ‘Friends’ (source) 5. Ryan Gosling In ‘Are You Afraid Of The Dark’ (source) 6. Stephen Colbert On ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ (source) 7. Jessica Alba In ‘The Secret World Of Alex Mac’ (source) 8. Tobey Maguire In ‘The Wizard’ (source) 9. Steve Buscemi In ‘Pulp Fiction’ (source) 10. Jane Krakowski (30 Rock) In [...]

Maybe this isn’t a newsflash to anyone but me, but, um, the Moai “heads” on Easter Island have bodies. Because some of the statues are set deep into the ground, and because the heads on the statues are disproportionately large, many people (myself included) tend to think of them as just big heads. But the bodies (generally not including legs, though there is at least one kneeling statue) are there — in many cases, underground. What’s even more interesting — [...]